Magician and Mentalist

When a passion becomes a profession

Benoît Rosemont is a professional magician since 2002. Illusionism is his passion from a long time and Benoit did his first show in 1993. Magic take him all around the world: France, of course, but also in Russia, Swaziland, Soudan, Australia, Mexico...
Benoit is a stage magician, who established an intimist atmosphere, friendly, to prepare every spectator to enter a world of dream and magic.

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Memory Artist !

It was at the age of 20 that revelation has taken place! Benoit saw a young artist performing a memory demonstration and he immediately decided to become mnemonist and to use these techniques to entertain people.

Then follows a long quest to discover the principles that govern memory and uninterrupted work on mnemonic techniques. It is finally, after over 15 years of work that Benoit materialized his work through his show "I forgot something ... but it will come back!" and his book "The memento memory".

Close-up Mentalist in Paris