Close-Up Magic

Did you say "close-up" ?
Close-up magic is the one happening just here, at 20 cm, right before of your eyes.
With Benoît Rosemont, you will experiment magic in a new way: humor, elegancy and... surprises!

Strolling Magic
During your cocktail reception, Benoît Rosemont walks around your guests and surprises them. No table, no chair, anywhere, Benoît Rosemont fits his show in with your needs.

This show is entertaining, without stealing the spotlight.

Table Magic
During the diner, Benoît Rosemont comes to asthonish and entertain your guests, going from table to table. This show is perfectly adapted to all the needs of the catering service.

Un unforgetable moment for your night.

Feel free to contact him and download PDF

You can also experiment his Mathemagic close-up !

From table to table during a diner, deambulatory during a cocktail reception or on stage in case of a show, Benoît Rosemont invites you to witness surprising experiments.

A calculator, a paper pad... nothing more!

Invite yourself in the wonderful world of "quick calculators". No need to be good in math to appreciate this entertainment. An original way to be surprised and amazed.

The simplicity of the support, the artist personality creates a unique moment of pleasure for all.
Benoît Rosemont the mentalist presents his show with simplicity and humor. His only goal is to entertain your guests.
To entertain... and to surprise!

Magic at your table, right before your eyes
Close-up Magician in Paris