Mentalist in Paris

Teaser for my mentalist show, recorded in 2019 in France (Nièvre).

Mentalism is THE actual magic.

Far beyond the traditional close-up magic, mentalism hit our unconscious, it surprises us in our rational foundations.
Read spectators' thoughts, predict the future, influence the mind... all without apparent manipulation!


This is the mentalist’s challenge, to offer no rational explanation to the public. This is why this magic is so popular today and often asked by the public and event planners. Do not miss this animation which renews the magic shows. A good and funny way to surprise and amuse "those who have already seen everything."

This animation can be presented on stage as a show or feats during a lecture or strolling:
- from table to table for a dinner
- during a cocktail.

Make sure to not miss the Mathemagic close-up performance...

Magician and Mentalist Benoit Rosemont