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Benoît Rosemont, the balloons entertainer

"Tribute to Hollywood"
My entry at Twist and Shout contest
Los Angeles - 2009

Balloons modeling

A fun and original animation

Always a hit with childrens, when raised to the level of an Art,
balloons modeling, takes everybody under its charm.

Balloons allow all the spectators to go together in marvelous journey in a dreamland. Between reality and fantasy, every wish becomes real in front of your eyes.

Each sculpture is a gift that your guests keep warmly as a souvenir of this magic moment.

Benoît Rosemont shows his Art passionately, with dynamism and professionalism.

This entertainment can fit your event. Contact us.

Balloons modeling - pinguin  Balloons modeling - elephant  Balloons modeling - lys  Balloons modeling - horse  Balloons modeling - parrot
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